Elm Heights

Neighborhood Association 

Bloomington,  Indiana

Spring Membership Meeting

Neighbors will gather at Harmony School on Sunday, Apr. 9, 2:30-4:30 p.m. for the EHNA Spring Meeting.

Scheduled topics include future grants for tree plots and repair of antique boulevard lamps on Hawthorne and expected Spring student behavior.

EHNA receives grant for sign toppers

"Elm Heights" signs have been installed on 20 street signs in the neighborhood, funded by a grant from the City of Bloomington. The signs were designed by EH neighbor Christine Deegan, of Blackberry Press.

Elm Heights is now an 'Historic District' 

The Bloomington City Council unanimously approved the creation of the Elm Heights Historic District in 2012. 

A group of Elm Heights residents developed the guidelines for the Elm Heights Historic District and conducted workshops for resident input. The completed guidelines are now available on the City's web site

Where is the Elm Heights neighborhood?

Generally, it lies directly south of the main part of the Indiana University campus. (The proposed Historic District is only a part of the entire neighborhood.) It includes owner occupied homes and student rental homes and apartment buildings. The homes in the western part of the neighborhood were built in the early 1900s. The majority of homes were built in the 1920s. Some "in fill" homes were added after World War II, with very few built after that. The Neighborhood Association defines the area as:

Northern Boundary:   The south side of Third Street from Washington Street to Swain Avenue. 

Eastern Boundary: From Third Street extending South on both sides of Swain Avenue, Sheridan Drive and Jordan Avenue to Davis Street. 

Southern Boundary: Both sides of Davis Street and all properties north of Weatherstone Lane. From Weatherstone Lane north to Southdowns then diagonally west through Bryan Park to its northwestern corner at Henderson St. North on Henderson St. to First then west on First St. to Washington St. 

Western Boundary: Washington Street from First to Third Street.

Map of Elm Heights and a tool to find out what neighborhood you're in and other things about your home address.

To learn more, visit the City of Bloomington's web site description of Elm Heights or take a walking tour. 

How can I connect with my Elm Heights neighbors?

Sign up for the Elm Heights residents email listserv to receive messages of interest to residents and for information about EHNA meetings and activities. (This list is moderated to prevent spam. Only subscribers can email to the list.)  Messages usually regard housing availability, incidents of vandalism, referral requests for specific skills (plaster, roofing, yard work, etc.). 

A list of providers of services recommended by neighbors who have responded to queries on the listserv is updated regularly. It is available to Elm Heights neighbors who contact Suzann Owen at suzann_owen at hotmail.com.

How can I join the Elm Heights Neighborhood Association?

Dues are $5 per person with a maximum of three persons per household, with the membership year being October - September. Send or deliver to EHNA treasurer, Suzann Owen, 611 S. Jordan Ave. or pay at an EHNA meeting or activity. 

What's the purpose of the EHNA?

  • To provide a voice for the members of the Association. 
  • To maintain and improve the sense of community, integrity, and dignity of Elm Heights neighborhood. 
  • To preserve the residential quality of Elm Heights. 
  • To encourage homeowners and owners of rental properties and businesses to maintain and improve the Elm Heights neighborhood. 
  • To promote orderly and compatible land use in Elm Heights. 
  • To promote long-range planning for the neighborhood. 
  • To work together on problems and issues of common concern. 
  • To help assure there be no discrimination in housing on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, age, or sexual orientation. 
      Other Information Sources 
    City of Bloomington

    Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission and Historic Designation
    The main activity of the Historic Preservation Commission is to recommend buildings and districts for local historic designation. The Commission reports to and advises the Common Council on designation. Only the owner of a property or the Commission itself can make application. Bloomington also has two conservation districts, a kind of protection which offers less regulation than a local historic district. Find more information, including application forms and downloadable brochures

    Bloomington's neighborhood associations

    Monroe County GIS
    & News

    "Historic District Designation" has been achieved  for the neighborhood.

    BLOOM Magazine

    Elm Heights homes featured in June/July 2010 issue

    Elm Heights Photo Gallery (and contest)

    Elm Heights Neighborhood Association Board
    2015 - 2016
    Jacqui Bauer, vice president
    Herb Caldwell
    Sarah Clevenger
    Olga Diamondis
    Deborah Myerson
    Julie Lawson, secretary
    Suzann Owen, treasurer
    Jenny Southern, president


    EHNA documents
  • Fairview Historic District Design Guidelines (PDF, 3MB, opens in a new window) a local example of a historic set of design guidelines
  • Bryan Park vision statement
  • EHNA bylaws
  • Walking tour of Elm Heights
  • Online home of the Elm Heights Neighborhood Association,
    Bloomington, Indiana
    Updated: April 3, 2017